Description: This tutorial will walk you though all the steps necessary to download, compile, and run pooler's cpuminer on the Apple OSX operating system. It seems like a lot of work, for a remarkably small reward, but some people are just dedicated to the cause.

If you find any errors, or have any questions, please feel free to contract me on the WeMineCryptos.com forum (username bmoconno-LTC).

Step 1: Download Xcode from Apple's "App Store":

A. This one is fairly self-explanatory, simply open the "App Store" and search for and download "Xcode". That download is about 1.6GB and takes some time, so you'll have lots of time to do almost anything else... try reciting the A-B-Cs in reverse order.

Download Xcode

B. Start xCode, read and accept their TOS, then install the suggested System Components.

C. Open Xcode preferences by click on "Xcode" in the top left, then "Preferences".

D. Click on the "Downloads" tab, and select "Command Line Tools", then click "Install".

Step 2: Download and Install MacPorts:

MacPorts is a collection of *nix libraries and programs that have been ported to work with the OSX operating system, if you'd like to learn more about MacPorts check out their homepage!

A. Download the correct .pkg file depending on which version of OSX you are using: Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard or Leopard (at the time of writing this, cpuminer will not successfully compile on Tiger).

B. Run the .pkg or .dmg file, and work your way through the install process:

Pretty standard install stuff, just click "Continue".


More of the same, just explaining what MacPorts and what the installer does. Click "Continue".


Like most people, I completely read the TOS before using any piece of software. Read thoroughly, then "Continue".


Click "Agree", because you read the whole TOS... right?


You're probably going to want to install MacPorts to the default location, just click "Install".


Sit back, and be amazed at just how long "Less than a minute" can be!


You did it! You've successfully installed MacPorts! Now click "Close".


Step 3: Use MacPorts to install libraries necessary to compile cpuminer, using "Terminal".

A. Open up a Terminal window by clicking on the "Spotlight" search in the top right of OSX, and typing in "Terminal".

B. Ensure that MacPorts is fully updated by running the following command in your terminal window: sudo port selfupdate

C. Install wget by running the following command in your terminal window: sudo port install wget

D. Install openssl by running the following command in your terminal window: sudo port install openssl

Step 4: Download and compile cpuminer, using "Terminal".

A. In your terminal window type the following command: wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/cpuminer/files/pooler-cpuminer-2.2.3.tar.gz

B. Un-tar the source code by entering the following: tar xzf pooler-cpuminer-*.tar.gz then navigate to the cpuminer directory by typing: cd cpuminer-2.2.3

C. Compile cpuminer by entering the following commands: ./nomacro.pl then type: ./configure CFLAGS="-03" then type: make

D. Run cpuminer by entering something like the following command: minerd -o http://your.stratum.proxy:port -u YourUsername -p YourPassword